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Positive Parenting

Latest 12 Positive Parenting Tips For Your Happy Kids

Parenting is tough. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 12 positive parenting tips to help you raise the happy kids ever. The key to raising confident, successful children starts with you, their parents. Use these positive parenting tips to help them develop healthy habits and live fulfilling lives.

Positive Parenting

As a parent, you must decide what you want and don’t want for your child. Do you wish for your child to endure the same things you did when you were growing up? Or do you want to provide your little one with a nurturing environment where love, respect, patience, and respect dominate everything around him? Many parents do not realize that the problems they face with their children reflect their lack of skills, strategies, and discipline methods.

First of all, what is your approach when your child starts crying, doing a temper tantrum, biting, pushing, or hitting? The approach you take can seriously determine whether he stops or continues with such bad behavior.

Next, what methods do you use to help your child change or modify his bad behavior? Do you simply get mad and punish him or do you allow him to explain what his problem is? Again, your approach will guide the outcome of your child’s behavior


Being a parent can bring you satisfaction and despair at the same time. When your child displays the best behavior possible it gives you a feeling of pride and joy. But when your child displays the opposite, it gives a parent a feeling of despair and failure. Any parent can accomplish a great job raising a child. All it takes is the desire to modify one’s behavior, attitude, and views about child-rearing and of course some good positive parenting tips.

That is a time that presents to each mother and father a perfect time when, as responsible parents, you can teach your kids high values including that gratefulness. The most important parenting tip that you can get is to learn how most wonderful way to teach your kids how to be polite, thankful, and thoughtful Children.

Parenting Tip

  1. Tip that you will need to know is that no matter what you are doing, you need to show love and compassion. Even when they do wrong, the best parenting advice that we can give you is to praise your child when they do something right, and even after you discipline them, you allow them to know that you love them.

2 and parenting tip is that you need to discipline children. When you do this, you need to get on their level. Kids don’t do well when you are talking them down. You need to follow through when you do this.

  1. While you are to monitor your child’s behavior, you will learn that you need to monitor your own as well. Sometimes you have to see the things that you are doing and work on changing them. When you can do this, you can then set the right example for your children. These are just a few tips that parents have used to make life easier. It might be challenging, but it is doable. Part of taking care of a child is ensuring that you can take care of yourself.


4.Take Deep Breaths And Relax

One of the best parenting tips is to be sure that you can control and manage your anger. Too many parents are acting out in anger and children end up getting hurt. So, you want to be sure to take deep breaths and relax before confronting your child. You have approached children in an understanding manner.

Positive Parenting Tips to Prepare Your Child in a Good Way

Here is how you can win the confidence of your child without resorting to yelling, shouting, frowning, or bribing!

Positive Parenting

5. Good Behavior Deserves Appreciation

As important as it is to let your child understand that a bad thing will not be tolerated, it is essential to help them recognize the fact that you will always support and encourage good behavior. When they will be appreciated for their good deeds, they will do them often. So, one of the best positive parenting techniques is to show your child that they are good, to help them stay that way.

6. Never Resort To Bribing

Now, this is something that most parents fail to follow. You might think that tempting your child with their favorite chocolate or candy can help you get rid of their temper tantrums for the time being, but you should understand that by doing so, you are inviting a critical problem to avoid a short one. All that the child will understand from this is – to be bad and get a reward! So, avoid bribing your kid at any cost.

7. Always Maintain Proper Eye Contact With Your Kid

Talk with your child and listen to them too – Another important thing is to ‘be there with your child. More often than not it has been observed that children portray bad behavior just to gain the attention of their parents. So, instead of giving them a chance to do so, why don’t you be with them in the first place only? One of the positive parenting tips is to always maintain proper eye contact with your kid while communicating with them and be extremely gentle as well as responsive. Don’t forget that non-verbal communication can be a great tool to help your child understand your love for them. So, use it properly and shower those smiles and hugs quite often!

8. Take Care Of Yourself Too

There is no denying the fact that you need to take good care of your child, but while doing so, doesn’t forget yourself. Understand that if you will be tired, or dull, you will not be able to guide your kid well and take care of them in the right manner. So, have a healthy diet and take proper rest. If the need arises, then you can even take the help of your family and friends to take care of your child in the best possible manner.

Positive Parenting

9. Learn How Children Develop And Know Your Unique Child.

When it comes to your child, the real expert is you, the parent. Know all areas of your child’s development — physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral — and remember there is nothing to be ashamed of if your child needs special help to progress at his or her own best rate

10. Start Encouraging Your Children To Ask Questions

All parents need to be their child’s first source of information. Start encouraging your children to ask questions now because it makes it easier for them to ask questions when they are older. Answer your child’s questions with honesty and openness so you can create a relationship of mutual trust and respect that can prevent your child from developing unsafe habits or taking unnecessary risks.

Positive Parenting

11. Comparing Children With Their Siblings Or Their Friend's Kids

Many parents too often made the mistake of comparing children with their siblings or their friend’s kids. Doing so, damage a child’s self-esteem. A better approach is to learn to cherish your child’s individuality. Support your child’s interests and talents. Try to spend time alone with each of your children every day. Praise your children’s differences and avoid comparing them or asking why they can’t be like someone else.

12. Taking Family Vacations

 Making time for family activities has a positive impact on children and the memory it creates is priceless. It creates a sense of belonging to the children when their families take time to engage in common activities such as having meals together and sharing tasks and responsibilities, taking family vacations. Use the family time to discuss needs and feelings, solve problems and promote cooperation.

Positive Parenting

Being Gracious - Significant Tip To Do

It is merely through learning how to be gracious that a kid and as a matter of fact, each person can come to know their own precious. In reality, we are all born equal. Consequently, a parenting tip that we should pay heed to be to teach our children is the message of equality and gratefulness.

Bring Your Children Into Interesting And Useful Conversations

I found a good parenting tip that works best is the quality time you are willing to spend with your children. While spending your time bring your children into interesting and useful conversations. It is necessary to build good relationships full of fun and healthy talk with your children right from childhood.

When inculcating the habit of talking with your children from childhood will help a long way in creating attachment with your children. Without doing this, if you try to talk with them when they become teens, the receiving will not be there anymore. Try to become an above-average parent for you to be successful.

Being a parent, first, you have to practice or inculcate good habits, for your children to follow. Slowly inject your ideas and good habits into your children’s brains and ensure to follow them. Parents know the importance of charity and helping the deprived, but they neglect it when it comes to implementation. If you practically do some charity and tell your children to visit a nursing home or serve the aged people, they are more likely to follow the same principles.


You Have To Be A Role Model

As I said above, you have to be a role model. Try not to teach your children the habits which you do not practice. Suppose your children hear you lying about some matter, then imagine what kind of effect it will give on your children. It is the natural tendency of children to learn habits from parents whether they are good or bad.

Positive Parenting

Pro-Social Behavior.

You should maintain good communication with your kids. The more you show interest in your child’s life, the better the Probability of bringing them to be respectful citizens. You should have a good relationship with your spouse and have healthy married life. Which is important not only for you and also for your children. A healthy family lifestyle is crucial for pro-social behavior.

There is no doubt that raising children by both parents is difficult, so imagine how a single parent can contribute to a child’s development. According to research, one and a half year after a divorce, many kids have shown poor concentration and their intelligence dropped, and have trouble solving mathematics. Realize your responsibility of being together in raising your children…

Be in touch with other parents so that you get some guidance and inspiration from them and you may also learn positive parenting tips which you don’t know.

Level Of Cortisol

The point is that, without following this, many of your lofty ideals may fall by the wayside. Without knowing to not do certain things, any gains you make as a parent may very well be negated!

The number one tip to follow as a parent has to do with your child’s fear and stress levels. If you put them in situations where they are fearful, their stress levels will, no doubt, increase also. When this happens, they have very little control over what they will say and do. Especially when they are young! They may initially shut down and behave as you wish, but, they will soon have no choice but to act out.


The first point is that the reason a child will act out when they are fearful has to do with something called cortisol. When fear rises, so does the level of cortisol in the body. This then goes to the brain and causes them to become disoriented. This is why you truly need to follow up this knowledge with the desire to learn lots of new positive parenting tips that will enable you to have the utmost patience and tolerance when dealing with your children!

The second, and equally important point, is that there are long-term effects of increased cortisol emission into the brain. These effects include possible teenage delinquency and sociopathic tendencies. This makes what you do from here on, very important

12 Most Best Useful & Daily Routine Tips

Tip #1: If you love your kids–put yourself first!

Tip #2:  If married–put your marriage before your kids!

Tip #3:  Cherish your children

Tip #4: Teach your kids to fish–don’t fish for them!

Tip #5: Focus on what you like, not on what you don’t

Tip #6:  Give respect and expect it in return

Tip #7: A family that plays together stays together

Tip #8: Feel blessed you were chosen to take off your child.

Tip #9: Understand your child’s personality

Tip #10: Patience and more Patience

Tip #11: Motivate yourself time and again

Tip #12: Control your anger

Bottom line

As parents, you may think you fully understand your child, which is true but you should not escape from seeking professional advice when it is required. If your relatives and neighbors extend to offer their help, go forward and accept their offer.

Keep yourself updated about your child’s ailment. Consult doctors and indulge in extensive reading that will steer you towards better parenting. You will be able to take care of the child’s needs better.

some obvious ways that you may increase fear

Yelling and screaming at them

Intimidating them

Emotionally or physically abusing them

Punishing them

These are some obvious things. However, there is one that might not be so obvious. When you offer them rewards for doing something, they may fear not being able to complete whatever task is being asked of them.

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